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What We Are Doing During COVID-19 Social Distancing

Friday, April 24, 2020   /   by Damon Smith Team NashvilleHouses.com

What We Are Doing During COVID-19 Social Distancing

Exploring New Ways to Exercise

Orangetheory, among many other fitness companies, is now offering free online classes. Try one! There is anything from yoga to intense training being offered for free right now.

Zoom Happy Hours with Friends

Feeling alone or isolated? It can definitely happen, especially if you live alone. Call, Facetime, Zoom, etc with your loved ones. I would recommend setting a weekly calendar event with your friends that way its the same day of the week/time. Make it fun! Have someone each week pick a food and drink that everyone has to attempt to make!

Getting More Sleep

This is what you have been waiting for! You can finally get to bed at a decent time or maybe sleep in an extra hour. If anything, make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep so your body can be well-rested and healthy. 

Cooking More

Now is the time to experiment! If you aren’t that great in the kitchen its the best time to practice! Although making desserts and more delicious treats can be more fun, I would suggest attempting to learn new, healthy meals. You may not only find new things you like but create some new healthy habits along the way.

Acting Like Its Any Other Day

For your own mental health, set your alarm for what your normal wake up time used to be: shower, do your hair/make up, make breakfast. Try to maintain that sense of normalcy and not get stuck in a slump of days without showering or leaving your home.

Required Courses

In real estate, we have to do continuing education courses to stay up to date on everything. Maybe your job has something similar. If not, LinkedIn offers a bunch of great courses and certification programs to brush up on skills or to learn new skills!

Home Improvement 

Have that list you’ve been making of things to get done around the house “when you have time?” Well, now you do! Start with something easy to get you motivated and excited and go from there!